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Peer to Peer Trade

FortuneX P2P: Convert Any FIAT  ↔  Exchange USD

Use FortuneX P2P when you want to buy USD to trade cryptos, or when you want to sell USD and cash out to any FIAT currency of your country. It's safe and hassle free!

FortuneX is gearing upto bring you all the hassle free crypto trade from your own fiat currency of your country be it from EURO / USD / INR / Any currency in this world.

Users  just need to deposit funds in respective bank accounts as intimated by exchange module and get instant USD converted and credited in there wallets and trade for any crypto over the exchange.  Purchase and sale of all the tokens and coins will be paired to USD so that anyone can enjoy the support of Fortune Exchange.

This service has been initiated for development and will be coming soon online after testing in and for different countries.